Simple yet Effective

We simply take steps that work for our students. At the same time, we try to discover a step that might work even better. We teach the students, monitor their learning and pay attention to each of them.

Aspire's System is built by its teachers, administrators and supportive staff.

Aspire's Great Teachers

Our teachers teach concepts, explain concepts, provide information and train the students to apply these in solving problems or answering questions.

Our teachers evaluate the students' level of learning and guide them to learn better.

Our teachers look into personal academic problem of each student under their mentorship.

Our teachers help our students realizing their aspiration.

Aspire's Great Administrative and Supportive Staff

Our administrators work to best meet the needs of individual students and teachers.

Our supportive staff work very hard to ensure for the smooth running of academic programs by providing the teachers and students in-time logistic support.

Our Principal focuses on academics because high-quality, consistent and well-executed operations by administrators and supportive staff free her up to focus on what matters most: excellent teaching inside the classroom.

Aspire's Great System

Our small classroom size allows for powerful personal relationship, personal attention and tight-knit culture which lead to greater success.

Our system remains alert enough to respond quickly to challenges, big or small.

Aspire's Teaching Goals

  • Intellectual Growth of the Students
  • Graduation for Certain
  • High Mark in Annual Higher Secondary Examination of CHSE, Odisha
  • High Rank in Entrance Examinations like JEE-Main, NEET and OUAT-CET

Aspire's Teaching Types

To achieve different Teaching Goals, different types of teachings are developed, which are implemented at different phases of teaching.

Regular Teaching

This is meant for 1st year and 2nd year students. Teachers teach the students in a small group following the curriculum developed in the college. The syllabus of CHSE is followed.

Skill Development Teaching

It is meant for Summer Course students. Curriculum is developed to enhance skill in English, Mathematics and Information Technology. For details go to Summer Course Page.

Entrance Teaching

The students who learn faster are trained for different entrance courses. We select students for this purpose following 3 criteria - the student's rate of learning, student's ambition for future profession and consent of parents. JEE-Main or NEET syllabus is followed for entrance teaching. Sufficient homeworks are given to students for extra practice.

Remedial Teaching

This is meant for Slow Learning Students. We assist the students by priming the students with topics to be taught, assisting in working out the Chapter Closer Questions, Clearing any doubt and helping in doing the exercises from text books.

Revision and AHSE Orientation Teaching

This teaching is meant for second year students, after their course is over. We assist the students in revising the course for the purpose of examination. We orient the students for AHSE.

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