Why to Support Aspire?

Good education can make nearly perfect kids, make good citizens, transform economy of a family and help in building a civilized society and nation. This is the reason why we all conscious people love education.

But what is the ground reality? Our schools fail to provide training for Cognitive Development, Critical Judgement, Cultural Education, Creative Thinking and Caring Attitude in our children.

Still more dangerous is the tuition/coaching centre mania. These spoil brilliant students instead of channelizing their talent. Now students do not study in pursuit of knowledge, they do so for marks in examination. Colleges, Coaching Centres and Tuition Teachers Boast of such results. For them - "End Justifies Means."

We cannot change the system, but we can provide the alternative. We can inspire and train students to study in pursuit of knowledge, not marks.

Aspire +2 Science College is established with this objective. Establishing a good college with Appropriate Infrastructure, Teachers with Desirable Quality and Knowledge Pursuing Teaching Technology is a hard task.

We cannot do it alone. We need your support. We need support of education loving people. We need your participation in this hard task.

To help us please

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