Aspire Canteen and Mess Fees

Aspire has its Canteen in the campus. Aspire provides infrastructure and logistic support. It is managed by the Mess Committee and supervised by an Administrative Officer.

We understand that Aspire Canteen cannot replace MOTHER in providing Food. However, by taking suggestions from Mothers of our students, we run the Canteen. We value cleanliness, good quality food and affectionate servicing of food to boarders.

Mess Committee

The mess committee consists of Mess Manager, Chief Cook, two representative students of First Year and Second Year, a Teacher representative and a Non-Teaching representative. The committee decides menu and check the quality of food. They seek suggestions from each boarder to improve quality of food and menu.

Standard Menu of a Week

Week Days Breakfast Lunch Tiffin Dinner
Monday Chakuli, Ghuguni and Chutney Rice, Dalma, Saga, Alu Bharta and Tomato Khata Bara and Ghuguni Roti, Bhaja and Chilli Soyabean
Tuesday Bread 4 pc, Cornflakes, Jam, Milk 150 ml Rice, Dal, Bhaja and Paneer Curry/Fish Besara Dahi Bara and Aludam Roti, Bhaja and Buta Dali/Fish Buta Dali/Chingudi Ghanta
Wednessday Idli, Ghuguni and Chutney Rice, Dal, Saga, Salad and Soyabean Curry/Egg curry Aluchop and Tomato sauce Roti, Bhaja and Paneer Curry/Chicken Curry
Thursday Dahi Bara and Aludam Rice, Dal, Alu Bharta, Dahi Baigana and Potala Curry/Cauliflower Curry Bara and Ghuguni Roti, Bhaja and Chana Paneer Masala
Friday Chakuli, Ghuguni and Chutney Dahi Pakhala, Saga, Alu Bharta and Vegetable Chips/Fish Fry Chowmin/Egg Chowmin Roti, Bhaja and Veg Tadka/Egg Tadka
Saturday Bread 4 pc, Cornflakes, Jam, Milk 150 ml Rice, Dal, Bhaja, Dahi Bundi and Soyabean Curry Chat Roti, Bhaja and Chana Masala/Egg curry
Sunday Puri and Ghuguni Rice, Dal, Bhaja, Dahi Baigana and Cabbage/Mixed Veg Singada and Podina Chutney Vegetable Biriani/Chicken Biriani and Raita

The Menu changes as per the choice and suggestions from students, parents and decission of Mess Committee

Mess Timing

Breakfast: 8:30am-9:00am;
Lunch: 1:00pm-2:00pm;
Tiffin: 5:00pm-5:30pm;
Dinner: 8:30pm-9:00pm

Mess Fees

At the end of every month, the Mess Manager calculates cost of each kind of meal, the number of each kind of meals eaten by each boarder and Total Meal Charge. Then the Establishment cost is calculated and added to it to arrive at the Dues of the concerned month. This is communicated to each parent. Parents are requested to pay by 7th day of each month.

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