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Submission of CAF

Signature on CAF

Put your signature and your parents signature at the right place in the College copy of CAF.

If you do not have access to any computer with internet then you can fill the Off-Line Common Application Form. The off-line CAF will be available in all Colleges where e-Admission work is going on (SAMS Resource Centre). Fill it in your hand and put your signature and your parents signature. Make a Photocopy of this filled in CAF.

Attach Relevant Documents

Once you get the CAF ready, attach photocopy of all the relevant documents. Remember to sign each document. Fix a photograph in the right place. Now your CAF is ready for submission.

Submission of CAF(On-Line / Off-Line) at SAMS Resource Centre

Go to the SAMS Resource Centre nearest to your home. SAMS Resource Centre is a college where e-Admission work is going on. Submit it in the collection centre.

You have to deposit some amount of money that is printed on the College Copy of CAF. The person in the collection centre will write Money Reciept cum Index Number (MRIN) on the Applicant's copy of CAF and sign it. He will keep the college copy and return the Applicant's copy. Never forget to get the Applicant's copy. Now your CAF is submitted.

If you have the Off-Line CAF then the person in the collection centre will tell you the amount of money you have to give him. He will write this amount and Money Reciept cum Index Number (MRIN) on the photocopy of the Off-Line CAF. Then he will return you this photocopy of Off-Line CAF and keep the original one.

Last Date of Submission of On-Line and Off-Line CAF at SAMS Resource Center: To be announced in due time.

IMPORTANT: You must submit the College copy of CAF at the SAMS Resource Center and get the Applicant's copy of CAF where Money Receipt cum Index Number (MRIN) is written and signed.

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