Complete the Process and Apply
(a) Since you are not applying for any other college, your filling CAF is over. Now you Click at "APPLY" button found at the bottom of the page. Now another screen will appear and will ask you to "verify" the form. You click at OK. Then you verify the form and Click at "Cofirm".
(b) Again it will show a message to CONFIRM. Click at OK
(c) Again it will Warn you by saying number of Colleges you have selected. Now also you Click OK. Now it will show you the Congratulation Message
(d) Now it will show you the Congratulation Message. If you want to take a Print, Then click at "Print Applicant Copy and College Copy"
(e) If you do not want to take Print out now then Note Down the Reference Number. That will be necessary for reprinting CAF and other purposes.
Prev Step If you face any problem during filling CAF, instantly call Rajkumar at 9437090964. Next Step
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