Fill Reservation and Weightage Details

Sl No 7 deals with Reservation Categories.

There are 5 reservation categories.

(a) If You belong to ST or SC then Click it. If you belong to General category Click Others.

(b) If you are Physically Handicapped or Orthopaedically Handicapped then Click the CheckBox at item "(b)" or Leave it Blank. If you have clicked it by mistake, Click it once again. The Tick mark will disappear.

(c) If your father or mother works in Defence then click ESM or CoM or SDP at Item "(c)". If your parents are not in Defence then click None.

(d) If you are from Outside Odisha then click Item "(d)" Yes. If from Odisha click No

(e) If yor are an Odia and Staying Outside Odisha Click Item "(e)" Yes. Otherwise Click No

Now this part of the form looks like the following.

Sl No 8 deals with Weightage Details.

There are 3 kinds of Weightages - NCC, Scout and Guide and Sports.

(a) If You have NCC A Certificate Click NCC(A). If you have attended All India level NCC Camps / Courses / Activities Click NCC(C).

(b) If you have Scouts and Guides Certificate signed by Governor of Odisha then Click Rajya Purashkar (RP). If you have Scouts and Guides Certificate signed by the President of India then Click President Recognition (PR)

(c) If you have represented the school at the inter-State School Sports Meet then click State. If you have represented the State at National Level then click National. If you have represented the country at international level then click International.

If you do not have any of these, leave all Check boxes blank

Now this part of the form looks like the following.

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